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Holy Family Labyrinths

Labyrinths are ancient patterns found in many cultures around the world. Some date as far back as 5,000 years. Some are round, some are rather linear, all have one path that winds its way to the center. In this way, the labyrinth is not a maze, but a pathway.

One very famous labyrinth is found in the Cathedral in Chartres, France. It is thought that it was installed in the floor around the 13th century, though no one is certain.

Labyrinths were understood to symbolize the Christian Way. Medieval pilgrims reenacted this, following the path of the labyrinth on their knees as a means of prayer, or to symbolize the journey to Jerusalem.

Holy Family has two of its very own labyrinths.

Our indoor labyrinth is located in the entryway to the church. It is available Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm.

Our outdoor labyrinth was designed by former member David Lackey. It is patterned after the labyrinth at Chartres, and is sixty feet across. It is located just next to the community garden and a brochure is located at the entrance to the labyrinth. Please take some time and familiarize yourself with the path to enhance your prayer life and spiritual development!


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